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Roger Williams Park
Providence, Rhode Island


Daily 9am - 4pm

Daily 9am - 5pm

Admission Prices
Adults:  $12.00
Seniors:  $
Children (3-12):  $
2 and under: 

hours and admission subject to change

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Roger Williams Park Zoo
Providence, Rhode Island

Our Rating:  excellent

We last visited in July 2006.

New England's top zoo only gets better every time we visit.  We first came to this zoo in November of 2003 and were impressed by the naturalistic habitats and wide variety of animals.  Our most recent visit in July of 2006 further reinforced our impression that this is truly one of our favorite zoos.  A rather cramped polar bear habitat is being expanded to nine times its original size.  The new North American Trail habitat will house not only the polar bears but also bald eagles, bison, red wolves, and others.

If you're in the vicinity and only have time for one zoo visit, skip Boston and visit the Roger Williams Park Zoo. 

Shows and Attractions

Yakety-Yak Zoo Chats

More intimate than a show, these chats by zookeepers and others feature either a live animal encounter or a talk by zoo staff with specific information on different animals housed at the zoo. 

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